Youth Care Worker Part-Time Weekends

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Looking for a part-time weekend job as a youth care worker in Milwaukee, WI? Harrisburg Property Services at Strawberry Square is currently recruiting for this position.

Learn more about the job duties and requirements, and apply today to join our team at Harrisburg Property Services.

What are the Duties & Responsibilities

  • Adhere to all required policies and procedures of the program, contract partner, and State of Wisconsin licensing regulations.
  • Provide active supervision and engagement of youth at all times within assigned staffing ratios.
  • Serve as a positive mentor for youth placed in shelter care.
  • Interact with youth in a positive and therapeutic manner according to policy, procedure, training, and agency values.
  • Provide support to youth, families, and ancillary service providers while youth are participating in community-based activities (pass, school, work, attending services/ programs) as indicated per program.
  • Provide positive and effective group educational and onsite recreational activities.
  • Plan and facilitate youth activities/ daily routines to include unit groups and specific programming as determined by Program Director.
  • Interact with individuals/ agencies outside of the program providing services for/ associated with youth and families in a pleasant manner and document all verbal correspondence (via phone or in person).
  • Observe, assess, and document youth activity per agency/ program standards (4-hour communication logs, incident reports, behavior reports, database, etc.).
  • Attend youth/family team meetings/ reviews and provide verbal and written input per agency/ program standards.
  • Maintain physical location to agency and licensing standards.
  • Maintain confidentiality within all written and verbal communications.
  • Facilitate and document the self-administration of medications by youth in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Support the goals and core values of the agency: justice, respect, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • Must be available to work between both the boys’ and girls’ shelters to meet program needs, regardless of primary location.
  • All staff will be on the on-call rotation every two weeks to be available for staff out ill, on vacation, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned.

What are the educational qualifications needed to apply for this job?

A: The minimum education qualification required to apply for this job is a high school diploma or GED/HSED.

What experience is needed to apply for this job?

A: A minimum of three years of experience with children of a similar age to the youth population served in the program is required to apply for this job.

Conclusion: If you have a passion for working with children and are looking for a rewarding career in a supportive environment, this job may be the perfect fit for you. With the opportunity to serve as a positive mentor and role model for youth placed in shelter care, you can make a real difference in the lives of those you serve.

The minimum qualifications for this position are attainable, and the opportunity to work with a wide variety of individuals and agencies makes this a dynamic and interesting role.

If you meet the requirements and are ready to take on a challenging and fulfilling job, we encourage you to apply for this position.