Travel Youth Care Worker – ORR

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Are you looking for a rewarding career in youth care? MVM Inc is currently recruiting for Travel Youth Care Workers in Phoenix, AZ. Join our team at the Office of Refugee Resettlement and make a difference in the lives of young people in need. Apply now to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

What are the Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the safe and secure transportation of unaccompanied minor(s) and families in a humane manner and in accordance with MVM’s established transportation by land and air policies and procedures
  • Ensures that orientation is provided to all children and families in a language they understand
  • Reviews the documentation to ensure it contains all information needed for travel
  • Completes, verifies, and provides documentation to all parties involved
  • Prepares to work with uncooperative individuals in both controlled and uncontrolled situations.
  • Prepares meals and snacks for the children and/or family units for the duration of the transport.
  • Logs transportation details, such as medication, meals offered, eaten, and refused.
  • Provides clean and appropriate clothing based upon weather conditions at destination location.
  • Reports into the Command Center at established check points and advices on any changes, disruptions or concerns throughout the transportation route. Logs information.
  • If applicable, maintains a medication log for the UAC and or family members to include the type of medication, the numbers of times the medication is administered throughout the transport and any irregularities from what the prescription directs.
  • Employees may be assigned to overnight, weekends, or holiday shifts to support 24/7 operations.

Q: What are the educational qualifications needed to apply for this job?

A: There are no specific educational qualifications mentioned in the job description.

Q: Is language proficiency required for this job?

A: Yes, the Travel Youth Care Worker (TYCW) must have the ability to communicate in a way that is culturally sensitive, using their language skills.

Q: What experience is needed for this job?

A: The job description mentions that the TYCW must be coachable, customer service orientated, committed, and have a supportive mentality. It is not mentioned if any specific work experience is required.

Q: Where is the location of this job?

A: The job description mentions that the TYCW will be responsible for accompanying children and teens on domestic flights and/or via ground transportation to facilities all over the country. The location of the job may vary.

Conclusion: If you are passionate about serving and making a difference in the lives of others, and are looking for a role that involves travel and the opportunity to provide mission-driven results, then this job as a Travel Youth Care Worker at MVM, Inc. could be a great fit for you.

With the opportunity to work with and care for children and teens, and the chance to develop valuable skills and experience, this job has the potential to be a rewarding and fulfilling role for the right candidate. If you believe you have what it takes to succeed in this role, we encourage you to apply and become part of the MVM, Inc. team.