Nutrition Services Tech

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Looking for a career in healthcare? Consider joining the team at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI as a Nutrition Services Tech. In this role, you will play a crucial role in ensuring patients receive high-quality nutrition care. If you are compassionate, detail-oriented, and dedicated to improving patient outcomes, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

What are the Duties & Responsibilities

  • Prepares and maintains serving lines including dishes, silverware, hot and cold food items, condiments, etc. Prepares and assembles cold food items such as salads, desserts, and nourishments and ensures that all food and other items used are properly stored, refrigerated and dated.
  • Serves food as directed, replenishing items as needed. Disassembles and cleans food stations after use by wiping counters, steam tables, and warmers.
  • Sets up and operates the cash register station and cash handling equipment to ensure the accurate collection of payments. Counts and balances the cash register, records totals and deposits money to the appropriate locations.
  • Performs routine and heavy-duty cleaning such as washing, scraping, scouring, and rinsing pots, pans, utensils, and other equipment. Loads operate and unload the dishwasher. Checks and stores all clean equipment in an orderly fashion. Cleans major equipment such as ovens, grills, dish machines, steam tables, mixers, etc. Transports refuse and/or other materials in large carts in a manner that ensures the safety of self and others. Maintains sanitary conditions through the completion of daily cleaning assignments including but not limited to cleaning, sweeping, mopping, and operating the mechanical floor cleaner.
  • Sets up and delivers food carts to patients and other food delivery areas. Retrieves carts and returns them to the dish room for cleaning. Strips patient and cafeteria trays and sorts soiled equipment in preparation for cleaning.
  • Works assigned station on the tray line, assembling patient trays in accordance with established standards meeting dietary requirements. Assembles patient trays with appropriate speed, accuracy and appearance. Delivers trays to patients verifying room numbers, bed numbers, birth dates, and patient names to ensure delivery to the correct patient.
  • Routinely participates in selected quality monitoring activities such as taking and recording food, refrigeration, dish machine temperatures, and other related quality assurance activities. Assists with the care and maintenance of department facilities, equipment, and supplies reporting malfunctions to management.

Q: What qualifications are preferred for this job?

A: The preferred qualifications for this job are a high school diploma or equivalent, and a CRT-Work Permit for unknown high school student employees.

Q: What are the physical demands of this job?

A: The physical demands of this job include occasionally lifting up to 25 lbs from waist to waist, waist to chest, and overhead, as well as occasionally lifting up to 10 lbs with one hand and up to 30 lbs when pushing.

The job also requires frequent standing, walking, handling, and using a forceful grip and pinch.

Other physical demands include occasionally sitting, forward bending, trunk rotation, and reaching above the shoulder or at shoulder level or below. The job also requires frequent finger and hand dexterity.

Conclusion: If you are a hardworking individual with strong attention to detail and a desire to work in the nutrition services industry, this job could be a great fit for you.

With a focus on maintaining serving lines, serving food, and performing cleaning and quality assurance tasks, this role offers a variety of responsibilities that will keep you engaged and motivated. The physical demands of the job may require some physical exertion, but the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment makes it a rewarding experience.

f you meet the preferred qualifications and are ready to take on a new challenge, we encourage you to apply for this job.