Spanish Healthcare Interpreter

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Looking for a career in healthcare interpretation in Charlotte, NC? Atrium Health is currently recruiting Spanish healthcare interpreters to join our team. Read on to learn more about the role and how to apply.

What are the Duties & Responsibilities

  • Proactively responds to requests for language access in a healthcare setting. This includes but is not limited to In-person interpreting, telephone interpreting, video interpreting, and basic translation.
  • Leverages the use of technology, as needed, to deliver services in a variety of different modalities. Troubleshoots basic application issues with software and customer as needed.
  • Maintains relationships with internal customers and makes key decisions regarding appropriate interpreter modalities. Strives to contain costs at all times and leverages vendor relationships as needed.
  • Faithfully interprets information regarding the patient’s and family’s healthcare needs. Scenarios may include patient education, appointments, discharge instructions, procedures, emergency encounters, assessments, etc.
  • Serves as a conduit to interpret as accurately and concisely as possible while considering cultural implications and idiomatic language differences.
  • Acts as a cultural broker by educating caregivers on the understanding of the patient’s culture in relation to healthcare.
  • Fully abides by the healthcare system’s professional conduct standards, executes job duties in an ethical manner, and follows national practice standards
  • Translates basic written information as needed and within department guidelines. Examples include discharge instructions.

What are the educational qualifications needed to apply?

A High School diploma is required, and a Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

What language proficiency is required for this job?

The job requires the ability to speak English and a foreign language in simple, understandable terms.

What experience is needed for this job?

3 years of experience is required, and knowledge of medical terminology and prior experience in a healthcare setting is also required.

What is the location of this job?

The job is with Atrium Health, which is a healthcare organization with locations in multiple states. The specific location of the job is not specified in the job description.

What benefits and perks are offered with this job?

The job description does not mention any specific benefits or perks.

Is a medical interpreter certification required for this job? Yes, current National medical interpreter certification (CMI or CHI) is required.

Is training provided for this job? Yes, completion of a 40-hour Medical Interpretation Training Program within 6 months of hire is required, and employees are also required to complete 2 industry-related elective courses annually.

Conclusion: Atrium Health is a reputable and well-respected healthcare organization with a focus on delivering high-quality patient care and supporting medical research and education.

If you have the required education and experience and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients and their families, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. The job offers a chance to use your language skills and knowledge of healthcare to make a positive impact in your community, and the opportunity to continue learning and growing through required training and development. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join a dedicated team of professionals at Atrium Health.