Relief Food Service Worker – Retail Cafeteria

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Looking for a job in the healthcare industry? Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is currently hiring a Relief Food Service Worker for their retail cafeteria in Palo Alto, CA.

This is a great opportunity to join a world-renowned medical center and make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Apply now to become a part of the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health team.

What are the Duties & Responsibilities

  • Food Service Activities. Typical tasks: maintains adequate supplies of dishes, cups, flatware, and napkins on the serving line; sets up and refills condiments, dispensers, and food pans; portions food items for patient trays according to each patient’s diet ticket; pours juice, coffee, and other drinks; serving food on tray lines; checking patient trays for accuracy; delivery of patient trays, enteral formula, and snacks; stocking patient care units and another department with food and supplies; cashier and cash handling procedures; stocking and replenishing retail and catering areas; serving retail customers; set up and break down of retail and catering functions; alerting supervisors and managers of items that are low on stock; putting away food and food service supplies. Request needed products from procurement; Check supplies or food products delivered by the supplier to be sure they meet the type, quantity, and quality. Setting up, delivering, and cleanup catering functions, ensuring that specially catered menus are ready for distribution at prearranged times; the preparation of specialty coffee drinks and other barista functions, special meal functions by setting and decorating tables; preparing sack lunches, snacks, and other special requests.
  • Food Preparation. Typical tasks: prepares simple foods according to standardized menus, recipes, or verbal instructions given by supervisor; makes salads, dressings, gelatin, toast, or sandwiches; bakes frozen cookie dough and pizzas; cleans, cuts, and chops vegetables and fruits; slices meats, cheeses, and bread; cuts desserts; adjusts recipe quantities to eliminate excessive waste of food products; filling drink machines, mixing beverages, making coffee, specialty coffee drinks, and preparing box lunches or snacks; uses various types of commercial kitchen equipment such as ovens, grills, fryers, mixers, slicers, and choppers; prepares simple desserts such as fruit salads, gelatins, puddings, and parfaits; slices and wraps bread and other baked items; presents and observes food to be sure it is visually appealing.
  • Cleaning Activities. Typical tasks: clears dirty dishes and trays from tables; cleans tables, chairs, sinks, counters, fountains, and serving area; sweeps and mops floors; wipes spills; collects and removes trash; replaces trash can liners; washes trays and carts; sorts and stacks dishes, glasses, and utensils; washes dishes, pots, and pans; fills and empties dishwasher and stacks clean dishes, glasses, and cups; cleans coffee pots, blenders, pop machine dispensers, ice cream and hot chocolate machines, and other commercial equipment.
  • Recordkeeping. Typical tasks: keeps records of the amount of food prepared, amount served or distributed, and the amount left over; records changes when recipes are altered; checks and records temperature and fills in HACCP logs including dual code taste panel, refrigeration, cooked food, holding food, sanitation and cooling food.
  • Relationships with Others: Employees in this class have regular in-person contact with patients, medical staff, and/or the public while serving food and cleaning the food service area. Employees have occasional contact by telephone and in person with service representatives when equipment needs repairs.
  • Supervision Received: Employees in this class receive general supervision from a manager or supervisor who assigns work verbally or through written instructions. Work is reviewed by observation on a daily basis to ensure work standards and procedures are followed, to check for adequate staffing, and to ensure conformance with safety and sanitation procedures. Employees in this class follow State health, safety, and sanitation regulations pertaining to volume dining or food service facilities. Work schedules and standardized menus/recipes are followed to prepare simple foods scheduled for that day. Foodservice policies and procedures are also used as guidelines when performing the work.
  • Adheres to all food handling procedures according to the local health department and all other regulatory standards as required.

Q: What is the job summary for this position?

A: The job summary for this position states that the individual will be responsible for the preparation, assembly, and distribution/delivery of patient trays, retail and catering services, and other food-related services in a timely and sanitary manner while focusing on a consistently high level of customer service.

They will also be responsible for maintaining the dish room, washing dishes, utensils, pots, and pans, removing and disposing of trash, and cleaning and maintaining food service areas.

Q: What are the essential functions of this job?

A: The essential functions of this job include adhering to Joint Commission requirements such as sensitivity to cultural diversity, patient care, patient rights and ethical treatment, safety, and security of physical environments, emergency management, teamwork, respect for others, and participation in ongoing education and training.

Additionally, the individual must perform all duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Service Standards of the Hospital(s).

Conclusion: If you are a caring and committed individual who is looking to join a team that is dedicated to providing world-class care to children and families, this may be the perfect job for you.

At Stanford Children’s Health, you will have the opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art facility and receive ongoing education and training, while being a part of a mission to heal humanity, one child and family at a time.