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If You are Looking for Jobs in Washington, Check out this Engineer Security Job vacancy in Washington. At JetBlue, cyber security is driven by Threat-Informed Defense, which studies current threats, actors, and TTP to identify the most likely risks and adapt defenses, controls, and intelligence collection to those constantly-changing dynamics. In addition, the Security Engineer will manage the creation, testing, and refinement of threat detection-and-alerting programs across JetBlue’s entire cyber security toolset in alignment with up-to-the-minute intel and contribute directly to ongoing daily threat-hunting activities.

Essential duties include; the configuration, testing, refinement, and maintenance of detection schemes, alerting and escalation processes, and security automation and orchestration for rapid Incident detection and response.

Your Duties And Responsibilities as an Engineer Security

  • Coordinate daily with the threat intelligence team to understand, model and simulate and detect known attack chains and novel TTP
  • Analyze telemetry data to identify signals indicative of sophisticated fraud or threat actors, and refine and institutionalize novel event- and behavior-driven detections for those patterns
  • Develop hypotheses and novel approaches for, and periodically lead, daily Threat Hunting exercises
  • Mentor and cross-train Cyber team members from other disciplines in the art and science of Threat Hunting in the JetBlue environment
  • Track and report progress and effectiveness of novel detections and hypotheses using metrics that communicate impact and value, i.e. help answer the perennial question “how do you measure security and whether it is working?”
  • Identify stakeholder needs and drive projects to improve the dissemination of actionable intelligence through automation or education
  • Take large, complex projects and break them down into manageable pieces, develop functional specifications, then deliver them in a successful and timely manner.
  • Deep dive analysis of Network-, Device- and User-Behavior to identify control gaps, logging gaps, and suspicious activity and create plans to mitigate and drive incremental security improvements to closure

Who Can Apply For This Position

  • Three (3) or more years of experience programming in one or more languages including C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Go, etc.
  • Strong capabilities in SQL, BigQuery, and/or other database query language(s)
  • Demonstrable understanding of computer networking, DNS, and the basics of network architecture
  • Academic or professional experience with Red/Blue/Purple team exercises, CTF competitions, or similar practical, hands-on experience attacking or defending a live network
Job Details  
Company Name : JetBlue
Location : Washington, DC, US
Job Type : Full-Time

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