Food Service Assistant

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Are you interested in a rewarding career in the food service industry? Check out the current recruitment opportunities at CHSGA in Barnesville, GA for Food Service Assistants.

Learn more about the job duties and requirements, and apply today to join our team!

What are the Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assists cook in preparing meals, desserts, or snacks for patients.
  • Carries trays to patients on halls.
  • Cleans tables in the dining area after each meal.
  • Takes meals out to patients in the dining area.
  • Prepares between-meal nourishments (make sandwiches, etc.).
  • Cleans work area at the end of shift and after meals, including sweeping, mopping, and removing garbage.
  • Complies with infection control policies in the work area.
  • Records freezer and walk-in refrigerator temperatures in accordance with established procedures.
  • Checks stock and re-stocks as needed.
  • Stores cleaning materials appropriately.
  • Sets up tray line and performs tray line service.
  • Follows diet orders and NPO diet orders.
  • Offers menu substitutions and records them in accordance with procedural guidelines.
  • Properly stores leftovers/opened food.
  • Serves nourishments in accordance with procedural guidelines.
  • Operates coffee/tea maker and makes coffee/tea as requested.
  • Cleans kitchen equipment such as carts, tables, counters, ice machine, buckets, blender, mixer, meat slicer, freezer, refrigerator, stove, oven, steamer, garbage disposal, dish machine coffee/tea maker, steam table, etc.
  • Operates the dish machine, garbage disposal, mixer, blender, meat slicer, and steamer.
  • Follows standardized recipes.

Q: What are the educational qualifications needed to apply for this job?

A: A high school diploma or its equivalent is preferred.

Q: Where is this job located?

A: The job is located at the Heritage Inn of Barnesville.

Q: What are the benefits and perks of this job?

A: The job description mentions that the applicant will be valued, recognized, and rewarded for their work and will be surrounded by a strong team and leadership that supports every aspect of their life.

The organization is also a non-profit and mission-driven, known for the highest level of care in their communities.

Conclusion: If you are passionate about providing excellent care and are looking to join a supportive and rewarding team, this job at the Heritage Inn of Barnesville may be the perfect fit for you.

With the opportunity to work in a non-profit, mission-driven organization that values and recognizes its employees, this job offers a fulfilling and meaningful work experience. Consider applying for this opportunity to make a positive impact in your community.