Coordinator Heavy Maintenance Spares Job in Bridgeport

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Your Duties And Responsibilities as a Coordinator Heavy Maintenance Spares

  • Know and understand company manuals with associated policies and procedures, in regards to Chapter 4, Aircraft Spares and Support (all sections) and Chapter 2, Section 4 Contract and Substantial Maintenance and Section 5 Essential Maintenance Vendor Procedure Manual.
  • Assist the Essential Maintenance Provider with interpretation and implementation of the SkyWest GMM as needed.
  • Communicate with and assist the Essential Maintenance Provider Purchasing group with the acquisition of parts/spares required for the support of Heavy Maintenance Program Projects.
  • Demonstrates a high level of professionalism during all SkyWest and Essential Maintenance Provider interactions.
  • Responsible for tracking and managing all “Canned” Aircraft Parts (robbing from one C-Check A/C to another C-Check A/C on an Excel Sheet) and performing necessary SkyTrack functions related to the Canned Parts.
  • Is responsible to report Canned Parts to Spares Department Supervisors and Management.

Who Can Apply For This Position 

  • Must have a good comprehension of policy, procedures, and industry requirements in regard to Spares Support for Essential Maintenance
  • Must be able to work unsupervised and be a self-starter
  • Must have strong work habits and teamwork skills
  • Must have good communication, organizational, and people skills
  • Ability to prioritize and problem solve
  • Must be comfortable working with various computer programs
Job Details  
Company Name : skywest airlines
Location : Bridgeport, West Virginia
Job Type : Full-Time